Do We Need a Kit?

Emergency Kit Basics for Dental Practices


What must a dental office emergency kit contain? The answer varies depending on individual state dental board requirements. There are basic necessities dentists are required to include in emergency kits, according to the American Dental Association Council on Scientific Affairs.

Some states may have more rigorous emergency kit requirements, and The Dentists Insurance Company advises dentists to check with their state dental board or dental association for specifics on what to include beyond ADA recommendations. Practices administering oral conscious sedation are require to meet additional emergency standards, as outline by state dental boards.

TDIC advises all dentists to know when, how and in what dosages to administer drugs included in their emergency kits. Stocking emergency medications but lacking the training to administer them appropriately can be a liability. Best practice calls for continuing education in emergency protocol for dentists, for the office to be prepared with an established emergency plan and a team approach by the dentist and staff who are certified in basic life support.

Although our kit contains the basics outlined by the ADA, we recommend you check with your state for specific kit requirements. More information can be found here:

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